Choosing Foam for Your Campervan

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There are over 1.7 million campervans, caravans and motorhomes in the UK, spending over 50 million nights a year1 on the road – that’s a lot of wear on the foam! As a general rule, campervan foam tends to last around 8 years, but this varies on the grade quality, density and usage. Lower density, softer foams tend to lose their structure quicker and have a much shorter lifespan, whilst higher density foams will last much longer and are often firmer.

For campervans, choosing the right foam can be difficult as cushioning can be limited in places and require a compact space for the foam to fill. Finding the balance between density, firmness and thickness to find the most comfortable foam can be challenging.

Our campervan foam grade (RX28-150) is chosen for its combination of mid-range density and high firmness to create a compact cushioning ideal for campervans. Furthermore, our RX39-200 superior firm foam is popular for its more luxurious feel and comfort.

What do the professionals choose?

Many professionals choose to bond campervan foam with superior firm RX39-200, to create a compact, medium-firm foam with a comfortable firm topper. This method maximises the comfort of cushioning for campervans and caravans where the thickness of the foam can be limited.

To do this, professionals will use spray contact adhesive to bond the foam together.

Buying foam sheet material

Buying sheet material enables you to maximise the volume of foam received to fabricate your camper’s requirements. All you need to do is choose the foam grade you would like, and select an appropriate thickness. Usual thicknesses are:

  • Bed cushions/mattress: 75-100mm+ / 3-4”+
  • Sofa seating cushions: 75-100mm / 3-4”
  • Sofa back cushions: 50-100mm / 2-4”
  • Window seat cushions: 25-50mm / 1-2”
  • Dining chair cushions: 12-38mm / 0.5-1.5”

Please note, this is a rough guide and the final decision is your own.

Afterwards, you will likely have off-cuts to freely and creatively use. Some great examples we’ve heard of include armrest cushioning, corner or ledge protector, extra/replacement foam for dog and cat beds, baby bed guards, and more.

Most importantly, as long as the foam is covered it should maintain its quality for 8 years or more.

Using your campervan upholstery foam sheet

If you don’t fancy upholstering yourself, simply buy your foam sheet and hire an upholsterer or seamstress to pop by, or visit a local laundrette to see if they offer an upholstery service.

All our open-cell foams are manufactured in the UK and adhere to stringent UK fire safety regulations – as all upholstery should! Whatever you do, always ensure that your foam meets stringent UK fire regulation standards.