Foam Cut To Size: Useful Tips on Measuring at Home

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Ordering foam cut to size can be a fast and straightforward way to replace foam for your cushions. Many quality upholstery grades of foams are abundantly available at the click of a button.

All you will need is your cushion, a tape measure, and to read up on the tips below:

You can even use Foamrite’s cut to size service to source foam for a campervan mattress, caravan upholstery, window seat cushions and more!

Measuring the Foam Cut to Size

Firstly, remove the old foam from its cover and lay the cover down flat. The old foam can be discarded as it will have lost its shape and size over time.

With the cover flat, pull it taut and measure along the seams from corner to corner. If the cover has piping ensure to measure between the piping.

Do not measure across the width of the cushion as this may have been stretched!

Similarly, for cushions that are shaped, you can use the same method for the added dimensions ensuring to measure along the seams.

After that, repeat the process for the depth of the cover. However, make sure to double-check your measurements with more than one corner.

It can be advisable to add up to 25mm/1” to the depth measurement of the foam if not using fibre wrap. This can help to fill out the cushion as the foam will comfortably squeeze down. Adding fibre wrap, such as Dacron and stockinette, can make inserting the foam into sofa cushion covers easier but must be bought together.

Buying Made to Measure Foam Online

Next, visit Foamrite’s online shop to order your foam using a simple three-stage process:

  1. Select your shape
  2. Enter your dimensions and chose your foam grade
  3. Order your foam cut to size

All cut to size foam is quoted for free via our online shop. All our upholstery grades meet stringent UK fire safety standards for furniture and furnishings.

For any custom shapes or trade foam then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Foam Cut to Size
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